Refund Policy

1. The course fee must be paid in full at least 7days prior to the commencement of the course. Admission would be given on a first come first serve basis.

2. Fee once paid is valid for a period of six months before which the course has to be completed or else the admission stands canceled and the fee will not be refunded.

3. The minimum number of students required to start a group batch is 8. If there are inadequate registrations, the batch may be postponed.

4. If there is a cancellation of a batch from inlingua, the fee would be refunded in full.

5. If the student wishes to withdraw the admission due to any medical emergencies or other reasons, then the same can be done before the batch start date. A processing fee of Rs 2500/- will be deducted on such refunds. After the batch commences, no refunds will be provided.

6. inlingua reserves the right to change the trainer of any ongoing batch at any point in time.

7. In the case of private classes, the start dates and end dates would have to be strictly adhered to. Any missed classes/reschedulings have to be completed within the same month and cannot be carried forward. The end date will not be changed for any reason.

8. Any class cancellations/rescheduling for private classes have to be informed at least two days in advance. If the same is informed on the day of the class or if the trainer has logged in and the student does not show up for the class, then he/she is marked absent and no compensation class will be provided.

9. A minimum attendance of 80% is required to be eligible to take up the inlingua examination at the end of the course.

10. All backup/missed classes will be charged at the rate of Rs 800/- per hour. Such sessions will be planned and executed solely based on the schedule provided by inlingua.

11. Video recordings are not part of the course. The same, if any, will be shared only at discretion, and the same, if any links shared will expire after a maximum period of 15 days or after the batch end date.

12. Transfer from one batch to another batch or transfer of course from one individual to another individual would be entertained only before the commencement of the course. The same would be decided based on the availability of seats in the desired batch.

13. Under no circumstances will the postponement of the final exam date would be entertained. However, students who are unable to take up examinations on the allotted date will have to pay an additional fee of Rs 2500/- towards examination charges.

14. A copy of the certificate will be emailed within 10 working days from the date of examination.

15. inlingua reserves the right to make changes to the offers and schedules as necessary. inlingua is not responsible for the privacy and confidentiality of online transactions