inlingua Bangalore offers training in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, English and other Indian and Foreign languages. We also offer private classes and customised programs for corporates and academic institutions.

inlingua Brochure

inlingua is an International language school founded in the year 1968 in Bern, Switzerland with 327 centers in 40 countries teaching over 20 different languages for the last 50 years. inlingua is one of the leading International Language training schools, one of the most successful training schools and also the largest network of privately owned language schools in the world.

What is so unique about inlingua is the combination of its materials and teaching methodology which is time tested and proven successful across the globe. Accordingly, we follow certain principles inside the class, which ensure our teaching is highly effective as compared to any other language schools.inlingua program levels and materials correspond to the CEF(Common European Framework) levels. inlingua Examinations are conducted in accordance with the ALTE(Association of Language Test Providers in Europe) standards.

Apart from inlingua, Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan) offers German language training and Alliance Francaise offers French language training in Bangalore. Both Goethe Institute and Alliance Francaise are internationally recognized and sponsored by their respective governments. inlingua is an internationally recognized, privately owned language training organization.

There are many other local institutions and freelance language trainers offering language training in Bangalore. They may not be recognized Internationally nor authorised to conduct the examinations as per the International guidelines.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, often referred to as CEFR or CEFRL or CEF, is an international guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries. The Common European Framework divides learners into three broad divisions that can be divided into six levels; for each level, it describes what a learner is supposed to be able to do in reading, listening, speaking and writing. The following table indicates these levels.

inlingua levels and materials correspond to the CEF levels.

ALTE (Association of Language test providers in Europe) is an association of language test providers who work together to promote the fair and accurate assessment of linguistic ability across Europe and beyond. ALTE has established a set of common standards which cover all the stages of the language testing process. These standards can be applied to exams of any language, and ensure the quality of examinations.

inlingua Bangalore Examinations are conducted 100% in accordance with the ALTE standards. Please find the copy of the letter from inlingua International confirming the same.

CEFR Level

inlingua Internation AG

Yes, inlingua has a team of highly experienced, professional trainers comprising of both Indians and native speakers. All our trainers are certified in the inlingua method of teaching languages. Many of them have travelled widely or lived in different countries and are exposed to the language and culture of the place. They all have native or near native language fluency in their respective languages combined with a high level certification in the language they are teaching.

Yes, inlingua provides training for the below mentioned examinations. Students who enroll for our regular language programs would be able to appear for these examinations. Apart from the regular group classes, customised, one-on-one training for specific exam preparation is also available.

German Language: Goethe – Zertifikate, Test DaF.
French Language: DELF and DALF exams conducted by Alliance Franciase
Spanish Language: DELE exams conducted by Instituto Cervantis
Japanese Exams: JLPT exams (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
Mandarin Language: HSK exams (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)
IELTS Exams (International English Language Testing System)

Please contact our office for the fee structure or refer the website. The fee is available in the batch schedules on the language section. inlingua course fee includes the exam and inlingua certification charges.

Yes, demo class is provided for the online courses. The first session can be attended using the demo coupon code issued by the office post which the student can enrol for the batch by completing the online payment procedures. The seats are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Regular inlingua programs are designed for adults. Children above the age of 14 years can attend our regular programs in both classroom and Virtual classrooms. There are seperate customised programs available for children in the age group of 6 years to 14 years.

  • The course fee must be paid in full at least 7days prior to the commencement of the course.
  • Payment has to be made strictly by online transfer/credit card/debit card/cheque/DD Only/Website payment only. No cash accepted.
  • Fee once paid is valid for a period of six months before which the course has to be completed or else the admission stands cancelled and the fee will not be refunded.
  • Minimum number of students required to start a group batch is 8.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded. If there are inadequate registrations for a particular batch, the batch may be cancelled or postponed. If the batch is cancelled from inlingua and doesn’t start as per the schedule announced on our website, the fee will be refunded.
  • inlingua reserves the right to change the trainer of any ongoing batch at any point in time.
  • A minimum attendance of 80% is required to be eligible to take up the inlingua examination at the end of the course. If a student has less than 80% attendance and above 50% attendance, he/she will be provided participation certificates only.
  • All back up/missed classes will be charged at the rate of Rs 800/- per hour. Such sessions will be planned and executed solely based on the schedule provided by inlingua only.
  • Transfer from one batch to another batch would be accepted only before the commencement of the course. The same would be decided based on the availability of seats in the desired batch.
  • Under no circumstances will the postponement of final exam date would be entertained. However, students who are unable to take up examination on the allotted date will have to pay an additional fee of Rs 2500/- towards examination charges.
  • Certificates can be collected after 10 working days from the date of the examination from the respective centers. Certificates need to be collected within 90 days from the date of examination after which inlingua will not be responsible to provide any certificates to students.
    Management reserves the final decision.

inlingua group classes have an ideal batch size of 10 to 12 students per batch and not exceeding a maximum strength of 15 students per batch.

It’s a proven fact that learning a new language activates new neural pathways in the brain, increases IQ, improves memory and enhances decision making skills and sharpens the mind. Apart from it, knowledge of a new language helps in placements, jobs, career progression, travel, visa, university admissions etc.

School going children who need help in languages, college students, working adults, professionals, corporate, academic institutions, home makers, job seekers and any individual who wishes to improve their language fluency or learn a new language can enrol in the inlingua programs.

Anyone in the age group of 8 to 14 years can enrol in the Kids batches. Anyone from 14 years and above can enrol in the regular batches.

Online Classes

A laptop or a smart phone with a good Internet connectivity is all that you require. A good quality headset, microphone and a camera helps. The classes will be held in an audio video conferencing mode and there will be a white board and screen sharing option with a facility to chat, interact, ask questions and engage in conversations. The classes are highly interactive.

Yes, the students can login on their laptops or smart phones and attend the classes.

Visit www.inlinguabangalore.com and click on “Online Classes” and signup on the platform.

Select the correct batch, go through the details, click on “Enrol now” button, complete the payment procedures and you will be successfully enrolled into the batch.

Visit www.inlinguabangalore.com and click on “Online Classes” and login to the online training platform using the email id and password used while signing up.

After you login, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to “My classes” on the top right hand side of the menu. Select “Group classes”.

Step 2: You can now see the batch you have enrolled into. Please select “Start learning”.

Step 3: Select “Start class”. This will direct you to Zoom. A dialogue box pops up, please select “Open zoom meeting”.

Step 4: Please wait for a few minutes for the application to load.

Step 5: Select “Join from computer audio/Call in/Dial in”.

Wait for the trainer to login first.

Once you are in the classroom, keep yourself muted. Avoid disturbances when the trainer is teaching and unmute your self only when specifically asked to.

1. Please check if the password entered is correct and use the “Forgot password” option if required.

2. Check if the browser version that you are currently using is updated to the latest version and the pop-ups are not blocked on the browser. Some of the old browsers may need to be manually configured to allow pop-ups. Wherever possible use Google Chrome instead of Safari and Internet explorer.

3. Check if the internet connection is working fine.

Payments and Refunds

Payments can be made online on the website either through credit card, debit card or bank transfer.

All payments have to be made 100% in advance before the course start date. No two offers can be clubbed together.

The fee is refunded only if inlingua is unable to start the batches as listed on the website. If the student wishes to withdraw his/her admission before the course start date, then a refund charge of Rs 2500/- is deducted. An email has to be sent to info@inlinguabangalore.com requesting the same.

Once the classes commence and the student attends the class, then there is no refund provided.

The course fee once paid is valid for a period of 6 months within which the student has to take up the course. The same cannot be transferred to another student.

Student Queries

The student should produce a valid certificate from inlingua or Goethe/Testdaf for a direct admission to the higher levels with a validity of not more than 6 months. If the student is unable to produce the same, then inlingua conducts an internal test to ascertain if the student can be given admission into the higher levels directly.

The student has to send an email to info@inlinguabangalore.com clearly stating the reason for the same. The office will decide if the change in batch/timings can be provided based on various factors including the availability of seats in the other batches etc.

The student has to send an email explaining the same to info@inlinguabangalore.com and the office will decide if the student can reenrol in a future batch. However, the fee once paid is valid only for a maximum period of 6 months within which the student has to complete the course and not later than that.

No. There are no class recordings provided. The student has to refer to the notes and videos on the library section of the website. These are live instructor led classes which are highly interactive and we would want the students to attend and participate in the live class. In case of absenteeism, then the students can refer to the library section for videos and notes.

If the student misses more than 6 hours of classes continuously without informing the office, then the student’s admission stands cancelled. Please write an email to info@inlinguabangalore.com in advance to keep us informed. An alternate batch would be provided only based on the availability of batches and seats.

Exams and Certificates

Exams are conducted online on the last day of the batch. The final 2 hours of the class is reserved for exams.

Exams are conducted online on the last day of the batch. The final 2 hours of the class is reserved for exams.

Only students who have completed the training at inlingua centre’s can take the inlingua exam.

Digital copy of the certificates will be emailed to the students within 2 weeks from the date of completion of the exams provided the student has successfully cleared the exam.

Yes, inlingua certificates are recognised and inlingua German certificates are accepted by the German embassy in Bangalore for student visa and work visa. For other visa categories, please check with the embassy directly.

Universities and corporates across the globe recognise the inlingua certificates for admission to higher education or for job. However, we request you to check with the particular university and confirm as each institution’s requirements could be different.

The students should obtain a minimum of 50% and above in all the sections of the exam.

The student is not issued a certificate if he/she does not pass the exams with the minimum marks required. The student can then reapply for the exam by paying a fee of Rs 2500/-.

There is no expiry date for the inlingua certificates. However, the corporates/ universities may look for a certificate dated no longer than 2 years.

If the student is applying for the higher level then a certificate dated no longer than 6 months maybe required.

Yes, please contact the office and a sample copy of the certificate and/or a sample copy of the question paper will be shared.

inlingua exams have 5 sections and cover all 5 areas of language learning namely reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar. The format is as below:

A new certificate will be issued for a fee of Rs 2500/- provided the student has passed out of inlingua in the last 2 years and not later than that.

Then the student has to write an email to info@inlinguabangalore.com explaining the reason for not taking the exam on the given date. The office will decide if an alternate date can be provided for the exam. If the student fails to write the exam on the specified dates allotted then the student has to pay an exam fee of Rs 2500/- and take the exams.

The student has to ensure that they take the exam within a maximum of 3 months from the end date of the batch and not later than that.

Only digital copies of the certificate are issued by the office. A printed copy can be collected in person by paying a fee of Rs 500/- . The same will not be couriered.

Books and Materials

No. Books are not included in the course fee. Books have to be separately purchased from the inlingua office. As we have students enrolling in our online classes from different cities it becomes practically impossible to issue the printed copies of the book.

inlingua printed books are available for a fee of Rs 1200/- per book per level. The same can be purchased in person from the office.

inlingua Digital books are available for a fee of Rs 700/- per book. Please refer to the “Digital books” section of the FAQ for more information.

No. inlingua does not take the responsibility of the courier/Dunzo etc. The same has to be arranged by the students.

Class notes and copies of the reference material are provided by the trainers during the class. A copy of the same material is available on the library section of the website for reference.

Flex-e-Book / Digital Books

inlingua flex-e-book is the digital version of the standard printed version of inlingua books available for download on a app.

The inlingua customer can download the ‘inlingua flex-e-book’ app from the App Store (free of charge). The app has been developed exclusively for Android (PlayStore) and Apple/iOS (App Store) operating systems on smartphones and tablets. Apple devices must have at least iOS version 11.0 to benefit from all the features.

Once the app is installed the specific e-book can be downloaded by entering the download code provided by the center. To avoid download errors the internet connection should be very stable, a WLAN connection is recommended. Please check in advance to be sure the device has enough free memory space for the size and number of books. A full standard book, for example, is over 100 MB.

Yes! With the latest versions (3.3) for Android and iOS it is now possible to download flex-e-books onto smartphones. Switching from portrait to landscape format and zooming in to a page allows for a better reading experience.

You need an internet connection to download the e-book, preferably a WLAN. Once the book has been mounted in your device you can work with it anywhere, anytime, even without internet or mobile connection

The app has been developed for iOS from version 11.0 or later and Android, version 4.0.4 or later. Windows, Amazon/Kindle and other operating systems are not supported.

Yes, the audios can be accessed by clicking the audio symbol near the specific texts and exercises.

Yes, there are a multitude of interactive exercises (Fill in the gaps, Match pairs, True/False, Marking/Ticking, Crosswords etc.).

No, for copyright reasons the download code is unique and can be used for one single device only. For the same reason a transfer from one device onto another is not possible.

There is no expiration date for a specific e-book. As long as the app is installed on the device, all downloaded e-books will be available for study. However, they can’t be transferred to a new or another device.

German, French, Spanish, English, Italian language books are available. Latest editions and versions across all levels from Level 1 to level 3 (Level A1 to B2.2) are available for download.
Inlingua 1 Step 1 – A1 Level
Inlingua 1 Step 2 – A2 Level
Inlingua 2: Step 1 and Step 2 – B1 Level
Inlingua 3: Step 1 and Step 2 – B2 Level

inlingua flex-e-book is available at INR 700/- per language per level. Please contact the centre to get access to it.

Yes, please click on the below link to download the brochure. Flex-e-book Brochure

Please find below the links to Google play and IOS.